Water Supply and Disposal Systems Construction

The company’s priority area is water supply and disposal system construction and reconstruction. Teplosfera, LLC has an equipped material and technical basis and its own car park.

Teplosfera, LLC performs construction and installation of:

  • Wells;
  • Pumping stations;
  • Water pipelines;
  • Sewage networks;
  • Wastewater sewerage;
  • Storm-water drainage;
  • Sewage lift station;
  • A fire and drinking-water reservoirs.

On our part, we guarantee:

  • Work performing of high quality and keeping deadlines
  • An individual approach to each Client
  • Appointment of highly-qualified personnel

Completed Projects:

In 2009, Teplosfera, LLC performed operational Lipetsk central pumping station reconstruction. During these works, the pumping equipment was replaced and the facility was equipped with a brand-new automation system. It is worth mentioning, the station stayed operational during the whole period of reconstruction. The Client was LMEC, PJSC

In 2012, Teplosfera, LLC performed pressure header construction D 800 mm from central pumping station (CPS) to stilling basin on Katukov str., Lipetsk. The Client was LMEC, PJSC

In 2013, Teplosfera, LLC performed storm-water drainage tail drain construction from the 1st line territory of Lipetsk Industrial SEZ. The Client was Lipetsk Industrial SEZ, PJSC.

In 2014, Teplosfera, LLC’s personnel performed sewage pumping station construction at the object: “Multifunctional Sports Center” in Lipetsk. The Client was LMEC, PJSC, etc.

Pressure Header D 800 mm from CPS to Stilling Basin on Katukov, Str., Lipetsk.
Central Pumping Station, Lipetsk
Central Pumping Station, Lipetsk
Sewage Pumping Station at the Object: “Multifunctional Sports Center” in Lipetsk