Fabrication and installation of steel structures

Teplosfera, LLC is specialized not only in construction, reconstruction and designing of different industrial and civil objects. An important principle of our company is permanent material and technical basis development. We strive for minimizing clients’ costs, providing them with services of high quality directly, avoiding using any middlemen.

Namely, therefore, metal structure production and installation is one of our peculiar spheres of activity.

Teplosfera, LLC performs metal structures production both customized and within the framework of industrial projects realization etc. The company has a special metal structures production workshop at disposal — thanks to which, Teplosfera, LLC produces goods a Client needs.

Metal structures production is performed after all the required standards. Our ability to use our own production areas, top equipment and skilled personnel, as well as highly developed logistic capabilities allow us to perform even unusual and complicated engineering solutions, gives us an ability to deliver produced goods quickly to any destination place.

One of the objects, where Teplosfera, LLC performed metal structures installation, is modern metal structures production factory OBO Bettermann (the 1st and 2nd lines). In 2016, Teplosfera, LLC is performing ferroconcrete and metal structures installation at the object «Stoylensky GOK, PJSC».

Metal Structures for Construction of the Object: «Stoylensky GOK»
Metal Structures for Construction of the Object: «Stoylensky GOK»
Metal Structures Production and Installation Workshop
Construction of the Modern Metal Structures Production Factory OBO Bettermann (the 1st and 2nd lines)