Design Works

Design works comprise working out the documents, required for construction of a building. Besides, design works are necessary for receiving permission from regulatory authorities to start construction works and for controlling construction stages.

Design works include:

  • Pre-project offers, based on information about the site;
  • Elaboration of issues to consequently clear with regulatory authorities;
  • Working out of a detail design. It is, namely, the basis for construction works;
  • Front design. During performing repair works at this stage, a building overhaul documents should be cleared;

Teplosfera, LLC offers its Clients a full range of services, connected with design and industrial and residential buildings construction. We thoroughly follow the project realization at every stage of works, perform design and survey works of any difficulty level at the territory of Lipetsk and Lipetsk Oblast and in other regions of the country. We guarantee minimal terms of design documentation elaboration and clearance in various institutions.

Cooperation with Teplosfera, LLC means

  • Project separate elements elaboration and working out of the documents «on a turnkey basis»;
  • Exact keeping the deadlines;
  • Garantee of positive results of various expertise types and receiving permission for construction
  • The Client’s funds economization by means of design and construction estimates optimization.