Excavation Works and Beautification

Territory beautification is a complex of procedures of engineering preparation of territories, paths, gutters, and leveling operation installation. Besides, it includes landscaping.

Beautification includes not only adornment and territory upgrading, but also comfortable and convenient environment formation in interaction with decorative elements and architecture. By means of greenery planting and landscaping, one can transform a space near an industrial or residential building unconventionally in a moment. Harmonically organized terrain and considered architectural forms, correct paving, an individually selected way of greenery planting are the necessary factors to form harmonic and comfortable architectural environment.

Teplosfera, LLC offers a complex of excavation and beautification services. AND guarantees an individual approach to every Client and works of high quality, which are completed within the fixed deadlines.

Beautification Works at OBO Bettermann
Beautification Works at ABB Electrical Equipment
Beautification Works at ABB Electrical Equipment