Projects list

Construction the multifunctional production and storage building

Work package includes:

- preparatory works, installation of temporary networks for provision to  the Land  and Object of electricity, water, sewerage, telecommunication, etc.

- construction, assembling, commissioning, finishing and special works at the Object

- delivery, transportation, discharge, hoisting, storage and safeguard of the  materials and equipment at the construction site, assembling of the equipment, its fetting, conducting Tests and preparation of the Object for putting into operation

- safeguard of the construction site and the Object, insurance of construction risks and third-party liability from the  moment of transfer of the construction site to the contractor and until signing by  the parties of the  act of  the completed Object acceptance

- works connected with wastes` removal from the construction site

- managment over the  Works and overall coordination of the Object`s construction

- preparation and transfer of the Asbuilt Documentation to the Client.