Projects list

Tenement House II-17 in Yeletsky District

Since 2013, Teplosfera, LLC has performed 19-stored tenement house with 288 flats , as well as infrastructure construction in Yelets District, Sovetsky Area, Lipetsk

At the end of 2015, tenement two-section 19-stored cast-in-place brick house, with individual design capacity on Khrennikov str. in a new residential area «Yeletsky» was put into commission

From the windows on the outside, one can enjoy the scenery of the green ravine, on the inside — the school and the district center. We had the foresight to provide the future tenants with premises with their own welfare projects on the 1st floor. At the developed area, a parking lot and an up-to-date playground are conveniently placed.

It is remarkable that all the flats in the new house are equipped with heat, electricity, cold and hot water meters, as well as switches, sockets of high quality (not made in China), a metal entrance door with full windows and stained-glass windows glazing, which are already included in accommodation price