Since 2007, we have extended our activities, and namely, we have started civil, industrial and energetic objects construction, gas, water, energy supply and sewage systems construction.

Teplosfera, LLC was founded on August 31, 2005. Its beginning was linked with a perspective direction — heat-supply systems construction, using preliminarily insulated pipes in in the PU foam and PE casing. Since then, we have constructed, reconstructed and repaired several tens of kilometers of heat supply pipelines.

To perform the specified activities, Teplosfera, LLC is fully equipped with material and technical resources: production bases, equipment, office facilities, the company has a metal structures workshop at disposal.

Teplosfera, LLC’s specialists and managers have the necessary experience and qualifications for organizing productive work in the company’s specialization. The company’s highly qualified workers treat their work responsibly and perform it qualitatively and within the contractual time limits.